Community consultation gives us a greater understanding of our community’s opinions, priorities and expectations.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement for us, means regular, genuine contact with local residents, regulators and interest groups. It means listening to feedback, and it means sharing clear information about what we do and our plans for the future.

While the region is largely rural and not heavily populated, the views of our community members are key to helping us operate our business in a responsible manner. We keep in touch with the community through a range of channels including our quarterly Community Liaison Group meetings.

We also support the local community through partnerships, sponsorships and our annual Community Grants Program.

Community Grants Program

Waterloo Wind Farm provides community funding to support locally-based initiatives that deliver positive and sustainable differences to the local community.

The 2022 Community Grant is now open
Application opening date 6th April 2022
Application closing date 13th May 2022
Application outcomes announced June 2022


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Local employment matters to us. We currently employ a team of six people at Waterloo, many of whom live in the local area. Over the time that we have been operating, our employees have become a big part of the community – taking part in local groups, helping out with important causes and putting in the time to explain what the wind farm is about.

We also try to support the economic growth of the region by ensuring money we spend on services goes to local businesses. We look to spend money locally on services such as printing, uniforms, signage and catering.

Enquire about working with us via our Contact Us page.

Community Enquiries & Complaints

Waterloo Wind Farm follows a formal process for managing enquiries and complaints.  To view our Procedure, please see here.
Community Liaison Group

    Community consultation lets us better understand local opinions, priorities and expectations. In 2011, we established a Community Liaison Group (CLG). The CLG is for interested community members to gain greater access and insight into our operations and developments. Membership is strong and includes a broad cross section of local interests. The CLG has been key to several local programs that contribute directly to the vitality of our local area. New members are welcome to the CLG. You can read the terms and conditions of membership here and to download a membership application form here. (Please note this is an interactive PDF and needs to be downloaded to be completed).

About Us

Waterloo is located 30 kilometres from the town of Clare and about nine kilometres east of Manoora in South Australia.


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