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Waterloo is an operating wind farm in South Australia’s Mid North.  Using the abundant wind resource that crosses the ridge on which our turbines stand, we produce enough clean, renewable energy to power over 59,000 homes.

Waterloo Wind Farm

Waterloo Wind Farm currently uses 43 Vestas wind turbines to generate electricity. Our electricity is then fed into the grid for use by homes and businesses across South Australia and Victoria.

We are proud of what we do. We are proud of how we are a valuable part of the local community, and we are proud of how we help people power their lives with clean, renewable electricity. Waterloo Wind Farm is owned by Palisade Investment Partners and Northleaf Capital.

Waterloo Wind Farm

About Us

Waterloo is located 30 kilometres from the town of Clare and about nine kilometres east of Manoora in South Australia.


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