2019 Waterloo Wind Farm Community Grant Program

As a member of the Mid North region, we are committed to making a positive contribution to our local community. This year, we will distribute grant funding to a number of local organisationswho can address key local issues currently facing our region.


Area of Scope

We encourage locally-based organisations addressing issues in the Mid North region area to apply. Emphasis will be placed on towns or projects closest to the WaterlooWind Farm.

Selection Criteria

In consultation with the local community, Waterloo Wind Farm has identified a number of priority areas for grant funding in the local region. To be considered for funding, activities should address at least one or more of these areas:

  • Building community pride
    Funding allocated to support local community programs that encourage people to become more active citizens such as community volunteering or safety initiatives.
  • Benefiting the environment
    Funding allocated to support programs that aim to revitalise the local environment such as projects that support biodiversity or community based conservation and rehabilitation programs.
  • Supporting the local economy
    Funding allocated to support programs that aim to build the local value chain such as sustainable training, employment programs and local economic growth.

Applications will be reviewed against the following criteria:

  • The organisation
    The organisation has a clear purpose, clearly understands who it targets and how it addresses the issue.
  • Social Issue
    The issue is important to the local community and addresses one of the outlined priority areas.
  • Funding
    The proposal clearly outlines how funds will be utilised.
  • Measures
    There are measures and resources in place to deliver and evaluate project success.

General Rules

We do not support:

  • Political parties
  • Religious organisations for religious purposes
  • Appeals from individuals, direct or for fund-raising purposes
  • Fund-raising projects such as charity dinners, auctions, fetes
  • Funds to cover membership costs of community organisations
  • Requests for advertising, marketing or brand promotion only
  • Organisations that promote controversial issues that may damage Waterloo Wind Farm’s reputation
  • Funding requests for coverage of material costs, i.e. printing, travel or distribution of promotional materials
  • Projects that are the sole responsibility of Federal, State or Local Government, i.e. school maintenance
  • Previously successful organisations who have failed to implement their program prior to the current round of funding opening
  • Proposals that do not align with our criteria